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Texas Pecan Issues Allergy Alert on Undeclared Tree Nuts Not Named Individually Soy Dairy Milk Sesame and Wheat Not Named in Product

Texas Pecan Company, Texas Pecan issues a voluntary recall for Undeclared peanut, tree nuts, soy, milk, sesame, and wheat allergens in 1 lb and 8 oz nuts, snack mixes, seeds, snack sticks

Texas Pecan of Dallas TX is recalling 1 Lb and 8 oz products because it may contain an undeclared allergen. People who have an allergy or severe sensitivity to( tree nuts, peanuts, almonds, brazils, cashews, filberts, macadamias, pistachios, pecans, pine nuts, walnuts, soy, dairy (milk), sesame and wheat), run the risk of serious or life threating allergic reaction if they consume these products. This company has been in business for over 40 years and no sickness or allergic reaction has ever been reported to us.

This product could have been bought at our retail location or thru our web site( It it only the 1 lb and 8 oz bags with lot numbers found on the bottom left corner ranging from 23200-23265 and 24001-24079. All bags are a clear poly bag with our Texas Pecan label on them. There have not been any reports of related illness or allergic reactions to any of the product ever purchased at Texas Pecan.

The problem came about with a routine check from the Texas Department of state and Health Services. When they inspected the packaging machine they decided that cross contamination was possible as our labels do states tree nut but each tree nut was not named individually. Our packaging machine is cleaned properly however our written documentation did not clearly state that.

If the consumer has any of these products they should either throw away or return to Texas Pecan for a replacement or full refund. Texas Pecan can be contacted at 972-241-7878 M-F 8:30-5 CST.


002 Almonds, Natural Whole16oz
003 Almonds, Natural Whole8oz
004 Almonds, Natural Sliced16oz
005 Almonds, Natural Sliced8oz
006 Almonds, Blanched Sliced16oz
007 Almonds, Blanched Sliced8oz
008 Almonds, Blanched Slivered16oz
009 Almonds, Blanched Slivered8oz
010 Almonds, Blanched Whole16oz
012 Almonds, Natural Whole (R/S)16oz
013 Almonds, Natural Whole (R/NS)16oz
014 Almonds, Nat Whole (Hickory Smoke)16oz
016 Brazils, Whole16oz
017 Brazils, Whole8oz
019 Cashews, Raw Whole16oz
022 Cashews, Raw Splits16oz
023 Cashews, Splits (R/S)16oz
024 Cashews, Whole Large (R/S)16oz
025 Cashews, Whole (R/S)16oz
026 Cashews, Zesty (R/S)16oz
027 Cashews, Whole (R/NS)16oz
028 Cashews, Honey Roasted**8oz
029 Filberts, Extra Large16oz
030 Filberts, Blanched Extra Large (Turkish)16oz
031 Macadamias, Raw Whole16oz
032 Macadamias, Raw Whole8oz
033 Macadamias, Whole (R/S)16oz
034 Macadamias, Whole (R/S)8oz
036 Peanuts, Raw Whole Spanish16oz
037 Peanuts, Raw Whole Blanched16oz
038 Peanuts, Whole Spanish (R/S)16oz
042 Peanuts, Honey Roasted**16oz
043 Peanuts, Hot-N-Spicy (R/S)16oz
044 Peanuts, Cocktail (R/S)16oz
039 Peanuts, Cocktail (R/NS)16oz
040 Cajun Flavor Peanut Snax8oz
041 Original Flavor Peanut Snax8oz
046 Pecan, Halves16oz
048 Pecan, Medium Pieces16oz
049 Pecan, Small Pieces16oz
051 Pecan, Large Pieces16oz
057 Pecan, Midget Pieces16oz
053 Pecan, Mammoth Halves16oz
054 Pecan, Mammoth Halves (R/S)16oz
055 Pecan, Zesty Mammoth Halves (R/S)16oz
165 Pecan Halves, Honey Toasted**8oz
061 Pine Nuts, Whole8oz
063 Pistachios, In Shell Extra Large (D/R/S)16oz
067 Pistachios, Jalapeno In Shell (D/R/S)16oz
073 Pistachios, Chili Limon In Shell (D/R/S)16oz
064 Pistachios, Raw Kernels16oz
065 Pistachios, Kernels (R/S)16oz
066 Lady Nail Pumpkin Seeds In Shell (R/S)8oz
068 Pumpkin Seeds, Raw Shelled16oz
069 Pumpkin Seeds, Shelled (R/S)16oz
077 Sunflower Seeds, Raw Hulled16oz
079 Sunflower Seeds, Hulled (R/S)16oz
072 Sesame Sticks, Regular (R/S)16oz
075 Cheddar Sticks (R/S)16oz
070 Hot Cajun Corn Sticks16oz
083 Honey Roast Sesame Sticks16oz
084 Walnut Halves, English Light16oz
086 Walnut Halves &Pieces, English Light16oz
088 Walnut Pieces, English Light16oz
082 Walnut Black, Large Pieces16oz
089 California Trail Mix16oz
091 Cashew-N-Stix Mix (R/S)16oz
092 Cajun Mix (R/S)16oz
093 Fiesta Mix16oz
094 Fruit Mix16oz
095 Hawaiian Trail Mix16oz
096 Honey Roasted Mix16oz
097 Melrose Mix (R/S)16oz
098 Oriental Mix (R/S)16oz
099 Raw Nut Mix (No Peanuts)16oz
100 Roasted Berry Trail Mix16oz
101 Texas Deluxe Nut Mix (R/S) (No Peanuts)16oz
102 Texas Deluxe Nut Mix (R/NS) (No Peanuts)16oz
104 Deluxe Trail Mix16oz
105 Texas Party Mix16oz
107 Rice Crackers8oz
108 Zesty Nut Mix (R/S)16oz
109 Wasabi Peas16oz
111 Apricots, Whole (Turkish) (SO2)16oz
113 Banana Chips (Sweetened)8oz
112 Blueberries (Sweetened)16oz
126 Cherries (Sweetened)16oz
114 Coconut Chips (Unsweetened) (SO2)8oz
115 Cranberries, Dried (Sweetened)16oz
116 Dates, Whole Pitted (Deglet Noor)16oz
117 Dates, Diced (Oat Flour Coated)16oz
118 Figs, Whole (Turkish )16oz
128 Kiwi16oz
127 Mango Slices (SO2) (Sweetened)16oz
119 Papaya Dices (SO2)16oz
120 Peaches, Jumbo (SO2)16oz
121 Pears, Jumbo (SO2)16oz
122 Pineapple Dices (SO2)16oz
123 Prunes, Whole Pitted16oz
124 Raisins, Golden (SO2)16oz
125 Raisins, Thompson Seedless16oz
131 Chocolate Covered Almonds**8oz
132 Chocolate Covered Cashews**8oz
133 Chocolate Covered Macadamias**8oz
134 Chocolate Covered Maltballs**8oz
135 Chocolate Covered Peanuts**8oz
136 Chocolate Covered Pecans**8oz
137 Chocolate Covered Raisins**8oz
139 Creamy White Pecans**8oz
154 Dark Chocolate Covered Raisins**8oz
155 Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds**8oz
157 Dark Chocolate Macadamias**8oz
156 Dark Chocolate Covered Cashews**8oz
168 Dark Chocolate Covered Pecans**8oz
158 Dark Chocolate Covered Cranberries**8oz
162 Dark Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans**8oz
141 Frosted Pecan Halves, Cinnamon**8oz
142 Frosted Pecan Halves, Orange**8oz
143 Frosted Pecan Halves, Amaretto**8oz
144 Frosted Pecan Halves, Praline**8oz
165 Pecan Halves, Honey Toasted**8oz
170 Yogurt Raisins**8oz
163 Sugar Free Almonds**8oz
166 Sugar Free Pecans**8oz
145 Boston Baked Beans**8oz

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