Allergen Inside FAQs

Account and Security

How is my data protected while using Allergen Inside?

Your personal data is protected using a Secure Socket Layer(SSL) connection between your computer and our servers. Click on the lock icon inside the address bar of your web browser to learn more.

Where is my account information located at?

All member account information is housed on a secure server that provide enhanced physical security, fire and flood protection. Access to the servers that house your purchase information requires multiple levels of authentication, including biometric hand scanning procedures and 24/7 onsite security personnel.

How is my information protected from outside intrusion?

Allergen Inside utilizes a Network-based intrusion detection systems (IDS) that provides constant network monitoring and alerts us immediately if there are any attacks on the server. In addition, multiple layers of hardware and software firewalls are used to help protect against unauthorized access.

How frequently do you evaluate your security systems?

Our server infrastructure is regularly inspected and maintained by professional personnel that specialize in internet technologies, including frequent inspections of our security policies and practices.

What happens in the event of a server outage or connectivity issue?

Your account information remains secure, but an allergen alert could be missed and/or not delivered to you. For this reason we recommend checking your mailbox on the website for any messages that may have not been delivered to you by text message or email and always read the ingredients label before you consume any purchased food items.


Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription to Allergen Inside at any time.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Please login to your account and go to your subscriptions page. From there, use the flipswitch to turn off auto renewal and your subscription will automatically cancel at the end of your subscription period. For example: If you purchase a monthly subscription on March 3rd and cancel on March 22nd, your subscription will automatically cancel on the 3rd of April and you will still be able to use your subscription until that date. We can not offer any refunds, so please choose a subscription cycle appropriately.