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All content on AllergenInside.com is for informational purposes only and not intended to be a substitute for reading an ingredients label or food packaging. Please do not consume or purchase any food products based soley on the ingredients and product information provided by AllergenInside.com, if you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or 911 immediately.



“you”, “user”, “member”: These terms refer to you.
“we”, “us”, “our” "Allergen Inside", "AllergenInside.com" : These terms refer to ALLERGEN INSIDE LLC



Allergen Inside provides food allergy alerts and food safety recalls to consumers when the shop. Allergen Inside provides the most comprehensive food safety alert system available, but we can not guarantee the detection or accuracy of every allergen alert and/or *recall alert that we send out, we do strive to provide the most accurate methods of alerting you to problems with the food products you buy. Allergen Inside is not responsible for any errors, misprints, loss of money, damages, medical bills, injuries or fatalities due to your use of this website. Use of AllergenInside.com is at your own risk.



As a member of this website, you may add your allergens and food intolerances to your account allowing you to receive alerts of allergens present in the food you purchase and to receive notifications of food related recalls for products that you purchase. Allergen Inside does not assume responsibility for any particular allergen present inside the food products that you have purchased and can not guarantee that we can detect every allergen or that the notifications and alerts will be delivered to you ,due to the possibilities of loss of internet connectivity, server failure or any other unforseen consequences beyond our control.



Members can purchase a weekly, monthly or yearly (depending on availability) recurring subscription that allows unlimited use of all our allergy tools on the AllergenInside.com website and iOS app. Subscriptions can be cancelled at anytime by logging into your account and turning off auto renewal on your subscription management page. We can not offer any refunds or pro-rations for subscription payments, so please choose a subscription cycle appropriately.



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