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Allergy Recall Alerts

We check all the food allergy recall alerts issued in your country and alert you by text or email with the detailed information when any of them contain your allergens as soon as they are announced.
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Allergen Free Food Search

Our allergy friendly food search allows you to research products available at your local grocery store, saving time and helping to provide valuable insight into different brands and the products they make.

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Food Allergy Scanner

Using our allergy scanner you can scan barcodes, hear products speak to you and translate ingredients labels in over 40 different languages.
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Allergy News

Stay informed of the latest research and developments going on in the community. We'll send you news articles on topics like new treatment methods, clinical trials, immunotherapy, OIT and so much more! Allergy News

Allergen Menu Charting

Restaurants, enhance your allergy-friendly offerings with automated allergen menu charting from Allergen Inside!
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