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Helping Families Shop Safer During the Coronavirus Pandemic

You may have been having trouble finding your normal safe foods during this pandemic, my family has had to shop at a couple new grocery stores and we have been ordering online from companies like Instacart and Amazon Fresh in order to get everything we need and to try and stay home as much as possible.

I have been washing all our food packaging down and removing some items from their boxes before bringing everything into the house, just to be extra cautious. So, in light of all the changes going on, we thought it would be a good time to get back to work on our grocery store purchase monitoring system. It was built to help in situations like this and I know it can help everyone shop safer in these uncertain times.

How it works: You connect your grocery store online or loyalty card account with Allergen Inside and every time you go shopping, our automated system double checks your groceries for items with ingredients that contain your allergens. We then alert you by email or text message if we find anything that could be an issue. We can also send you cross contamination warnings. By comparing the product with up to 25 similar items from the same manufacturer, we can help determine if one might be a possible cause of a reaction or be run on the same line and/or facility as something that you are allergic to.

You can see the complete list of our supported stores here:

We also just finished up a new real-time pricing and availability integration with Walmart and the Kroger line of stores (Smiths, King Soopers, Fred Meyers, Ralphs +16 more). The new pricing information is located on the top of each main product page in our Food Search (when that information is available). Clicking on the store’s logo will take you to their website with options for purchasing with in-store pickup or delivery.

We'll be trying to add more stores to the pricing and availability feature, as we know it will be super useful right now and we're also working on a new iOS app version with added functionality and have a native Android app on our roadmap.

Thank you all for your continued support, stay safe and don't hesitate to reach out if you need anything! Kris

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