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Zilks Plus Resources Issues Allergy Alert on Undeclared Milk Soy and Wheat in Select 12 Oz Bottled Sauces

Pluckers World Famous Wing Sauce, Zilk's Plus Resources, LLC issues a voluntary recall for Undeclared Allergens (Milk, Soy, and/or Wheat) in Bottled Wing Sauces

Zilk’s Plus Resources, LLC of Austin, TX announces a voluntary recall for select 12 oz bottles of Pluckers World Famous Wing Sauces because they may contain undeclared allergens. People who have an allergy or severe sensitivity to soy, milk or wheat run the risk of serious or life-threatening allergic reactions if they consume these products.

The recalled sauces were distributed to Pluckers restaurants in Texas and Louisiana on the following dates: 05/2019 – 05/2020. Consumers may have purchased such products at the affected Pluckers locations in Texas and Louisiana.

The products are packaged in a 12-ounce, clear glass bottle marked with the name of the Product Flavor (as shown below), the Pluckers brand name, and the following lot code and expiration dates located on the side, above the label. Pictures of the select product labels are attached to assist consumers with identifying the affected products.

No illnesses have been reported to date in connection with this problem.

The recall was initiated after it was discovered that these products were distributed in packaging that did not adequately reveal the presence of soy-, wheat- or milk- containing ingredients in the affected products.

At-risk consumers who believe they may have purchased one of the affected 12-ounce bottles of Pluckers World Famous Wing Sauce flavors are urged to either dispose of the product or return it to any Pluckers location for a full refund or exchange. Consumers with questions may contact the manufacturer, Zilk’s Plus Resources, LLC, by calling 1-817-618-6298 between the hours of 10:00 am–3:00 pm CST, Monday–Friday.


Product FlavorRecalled Lot CodesExpiration DatesUndeclared Allergen
Baker's Gold201905063, 201909015, 201912024, 202002031A, 202003022A, 202003035A5/21/2020, 09/09/2020, 12/16/2020, 02/03/2021, 02/09/2021, 03/04/2021Soy and Wheat
Gochujang201905014, 201908072, 20190813705/24/2020, 08/19/2020, 09/03/2020Wheat
Gold Rush201908071, 202002131A08/19/2020, 02/25/2021Soy and Wheat
Hallelujah201908030, 201909040, 201909077, 20191007508/12/2020, 09/16/2020, 09/23/2020, 10/23/2020Milk
Spicy Mandarin201904066, 201907090, 201908090, 201909073, 201910004, 202002038A, 202003156A04/26/2020, 07/26/2020, 08/27/2020, 09/23/2020, 10/03/2020, 02/10/2021, 03/30/2021Milk and Wheat
Teriyaki201904081, 201905030, 201909073, 201912036, 202002033A05/02/2020, 05/22/2020, 09/23/2020, 12/11/2020, 02/10/2021Wheat
Vampire Killer201909042, 202002030A, 202003015A09/23/2020, 02/03/2021, 03/04/2021Soy and Wheat

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