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Lake Champlain Chocolates Voluntarily Recalls Mr Goodtime Bunny With Best By Date 11202021 for Undeclared Almonds

Mr. Goodtime Bunny, Lake Champlain Chocolates issues a voluntary recall for Undeclared almonds in Chocolate candy

Lake Champlain Chocolates (LCC) is issuing a public alert and a voluntary recall on a mis-labeled Mr. Goodtime Bunny with a Best By date of 11/20/21 that may have been purchased between 2/22/21-3/25/21. LCC is issuing this recall after a consumer reported that the product contained almonds, which were not declared on the label.

Any consumer who has a known nut allergy and purchased the Mr. Goodtime Bunny with a Best By date of 11/20/21 should not consume this product. People who have an allergy or severe sensitivity to almonds run the risk of serious or a life-threatening allergic reaction if they consume this product. Consumers with a mislabeled bunny may request a replacement. To date, no consumers have reported injuries or illnesses.

This product was distributed through 16 retailers in 9 states, through the company’s website and its 750 Pine Street Retail Store in Burlington, Vermont. Affected states include: CA, CT, MA, NH, NY, RI, TX, VT, VA.

Affected items detail:Only customers who purchased a bunny that looks like the image below with the corresponding label are affected by this recall.

The Country Bunny Basket may contain the affected bunny. See below for image of the Country Bunny Basket.

The FDA has been informed of this voluntary recall and will post this notice on their website.

Lake Champlain Chocolates is committed to quality products and consumer safety and is taking aggressive corrective action to prevent the need for any future recalls of its products. It emphasizes that no other LCC products or batch codes were affected.

Lake Champlain Chocolates apologizes for any inconvenience to its customers. Customer service will be available 8:30am-5pm, EST, Monday-Friday to answer any questions regarding this recall.

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